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Focus on Papoutsanis

Top Greek soap producer builds global brand

Already a well-known soap producer in Greece, Papoutsanis is now setting its sights on developing a broader international reputation. The 150-year-old company recently launched plans to create new in-house brands, hotel amenities, specialized soap bases for industrial clientele and private label manufacturing services, according to CEO Menelaos Tassopoulos.

We are one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of soap and hotel amenities

Menelaos Tassopoulos

CEO of Papoutsanis

Papoutsanis already has a strong international export network to build upon. “Our exports to Europe, America, Asia and Oceania account for 55% of total sales, which create significant value for the Greek economy,” says Tassopoulos. Producing over 150 million products every year, Papoutsanis has one of the largest integrated production facilities in Southeast Europe and benefits from advanced technological equipment and high-quality raw materials from Greece.