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Focus on Bioiatriki Healthcare Group

Greece’s benchmark for modern medical diagnostics

Greek healthcare provider BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group recently invested €50 million in equipment modernization and new diagnostic centers

Synonymous with advanced diagnostics, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group is a benchmark for reliable medical testing and services in Greece. Building upon this reputation, the healthcare specialist has a €50 million investment plan to purchase innovative medical technology, expand its network of 50 diagnostics centers in Greece and construct its first center in Cyprus. Four decades after opening its first center, Bioiatriki is going international and gearing up to welcome more foreign patients than ever.

Our growth can be attributed to the reliability of our laboratory results

Evangelos Spanos

Founder & Former President of Bioiatriki Healthcare Group

“The impressive growth of Bioiatriki can be attributed to the reliability of our laboratory results and the provision of high-quality medical services,” says Dr. Evangelos Spanos, Founder and Former President of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group. “In Greece, there is a saying that makes us especially proud: ‘If a medical exam is not performed in Bioiatriki, then it is not performed at all.’”

The €50 million investment plan, which was budgeted in 2018, will be used to add six new diagnostics centers to Bioiatriki’s Greece network this year and to break ground on an unprecedented Cyprus center. “Our immediate plans in Cyprus include the opening of a 1,200-square-meter, state-of-the-art diagnostic center in Nicosia, which will be the first in Cyprus to offer a full range of diagnostic tests under one roof,” explains Dr. Spanos. The modernization effort will also include the purchase of advanced diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine technology.

Through CrossBorderMedCare, Bioiatriki’s International Patient Center, the company is also positioned to play a large role in Greece’s medical tourism industry.We have created a network of more than 700 doctors, selected for their experience in various international healthcare systems,” says Dr. Spanos. “All of our doctors are multilingual, bypassing the most important anxiety for international patients.” Today, CrossBorderMedCare is the only healthcare provider in Greece that has received the highest accreditation from the independent body TEMOS and acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification.